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Production facilities are established on an area of approximately 18,000 m2.

Omak Makine Production Facility that is located on the Ankara – Haymana Road, which has a 13.000 m2 closed storage space, was established on approximately 18.000 m2 area. Our company, which has been gradually increasing its facility structure and its manufacturing capacity from the moment we initiated our production activities, now features 2 different plastic injection molding areas, a home textile section, an industrial heater production line, a returned goods reception area and a Storage / Dispatch section.

In addition to the aforementioned units and facilities, in order to perform the R&D activities, which are considered as a perquisite for being an innovative and leading company, a full-fledged R&D lab, in which all kinds of test and measurements can be performed, is also present at our production facility.

As a requirement of the BSCI Certificate, which is obtained by only a few companies in our respective field, Omak Makina Production facilities uses the cutting edge technologies in terms of workplace health and safety in addition to its state-of-art technological production capabilities.